Zircon Sand Making Machine

Zircon Sand Making Machine

Zircon sand making machine is a mechanical mines, on construction sites often broken equipment, a wide range of its application, has been involved in many aspects. After China's reform and opening up, economic construction booming, rapid changes have taken place in urban and rural areas, a large number of infrastructure projects and urban subway. This development is zircon sand making machine provides the basis. Sand currently has a large share of the market, manufacturers welcome by sand, because sand and gravel production, quality sand system equipment is the most most wanted, after-sales service and most importantly, the company's goal Sand is to do the best quality manufacturers and service best zircon sand making machine manufacturers. Produced by sand making equipment, there are two types one is the impact crusher, also known as Sand, the device is in our sand making equipment Sand has been more common, the use of vertical-type device and equipped with two flanges style vertical mounted motors, tremendous kinetic energy of the rotor disk. The equipment products Grain cube, flakiness content is low, especially for stone shaping, sand production mechanism. Another is building sand Sand equipment for the construction industry, the two are not the same size, and its factory direct price is not the same.

Zircon sand making machine appears, to solve this problem, zircon sand making machine is the most widely used devices on sand cement works, in the production process, the quality of the finished sand and sand fineness modulus of whether the final requirements, Most are by human experience or sampling by drying, sieving, weighing and other methods discrimination, this old method, on the one hand by artificial sand quality rule of thumb, the person they pass, the error is large, unreliable; on the other hand, although the sample was measured accurately weighed, etc., but a long measuring time, can not be readily feedback regulation and increased labor workload. With the increasing demand for sand, sand standards for higher demands, we have the basis of this issue, focusing on taking into account the quality of sand automatic control, strengthen research work on sand control system, multi- trials, and the introduction of advanced technology, in order to solve the Sand quality automatic control.

Since zircon sand making machine automatic control system, mainly by automatic detection, central control and feedback control of three parts. Automatic detection system consists of sampling machine, oven, screening machines and weighing control system; central control system consists of microcontroller, display, keyboard and printer, etc., and leave the communication interface; feedback system consists of a hydraulic unit and feeder composition. Race rod drive hydraulic piston feeder movable flap opening, opening size control to control how much loud. Automatic detection works mainly mechanical and electrical simulation laboratory work, partially accepted part of the self-test signal control, after calculation and analysis, control crusher feeder inlet opening size, to control the finished sand fineness modulus number, in order to meet the requirements of each application finished sand.

Zircon sand making machine in response to government policies to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, on Sand impeller and board hammers and other equipment for processing, its processing efficiency is very high. While proceeding to a certain stage, such as the completion of the basic fine grade material distribution adjustment, at the beginning of the discharge, the traditional control with a fine sieve and return sand to the crushing chamber, making the material has a large internal machine cycle . The new Sand design uses a straight-through, it can greatly improve the efficiency of production. The principle is the role of the narrow cavity and tooth roll of material has been initially formed for processing, the resistance which can also be ignored. This reduces the appearance of sand back on maintenance and performance problems crushing chamber has also been a good solution.

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