Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Stationary concrete batching plant is currently the most widely used material is sand washing equipment bucket wheel sand washing machine, which is a type of impeller sand washing equipment, through rotation of the impeller to achieve efficient sand washing purposes. Bucket wheel sand washing machine with clean and high, simple structure, conservation of water resources and other advantages. Our largest vertical planetary mixing equipment manufacturing enterprises. As scientific research, production, sales and service in one of the major construction machinery enterprises and stationary concrete batching plant pioneer and leader, after ten years of technology accumulation, a mixed Chinese stirring equipment specification model most complete professional of mixing business, the majority of my colleagues in favor of the construction industry.

Installation Stationary concrete batching plant other parts of: concrete mixing station console and cement warehouse after the installation is complete, you can install the screw conveyor, before lifting, check the lubricating oil and grease filling point, I want to empty running test, identify problems promptly resolved, install batching machine parts, according to the requirements of foundation drawing in place, small batching machine can be placed in large batching machine requires pouring bolt on a solid foundation pier plane, after the end of each mechanical part of the installation, Check all lubrication points for filling all kinds of equipment lubricating oil or grease, stationary concrete batching plant according to the instructions and requirements of electrical schematics and wiring were empty running test. Installation of concrete mixing station mixing console: the chassis of the mixer plane suitable elevate the leg with a hinge connected with the host, installed cement scales, water scales, scales after admixture can be lifted, measure and adjust host chassis, so that in a horizontal state, can be reserved for anchor bolts cast in the pit after each leg centerline centerline coincides with the base (or welding base and reserve embedded parts).

Determined in accordance with the expected return and the actual production situation required specifications; we all know that different specifications of stationary concrete batching plant have different processing power and speed, the user equipment in order to make production goals within a certain period, the need to choose the right specifications equipment. User in determining equipment specifications, consult industry friends or professionals. Obtained by consulting the industry and stationary concrete batching plant Internet search for information related manufacturers, manufacturers of comparative analysis, find out more satisfactory manufacturers. In fact, many users are aware that the purchase of such equipment stationary concrete batching plant also select brand manufacturers, brand manufacturers so much as to choose which also requires the user to the price from the manufacturer, sale, equipment performance, and many other considerations.

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