Small Stone Crusher Machine

Small Stone Crusher Machine

There are many types of natural stone, such as marble, limestone, granite, shale, iron ore, copper ore, etc. In the industrial and agricultural production in these stones can not be used directly, we need further processing before use. For example, to add crushed limestone, crushed marble to be processed into different sizes of stone or sand particles can be used in construction, paving and so on. Also useful in the concentrator for ore beneficiation crushing then milling operations. So ore crushing step and must be carried out. Stone crusher is also called small stone crusher machine, can be used to crush the stone is generally moderate hardness, brittleness or extremely hard stone. It can be used to break glass, slag, slag, construction waste and other solids. Small stone crusher machine maintenance: Regularly check all parts are normal, regular lubrication. Check the bearing liners and other vulnerable parts, to ensure safe operation. If problems are to be replaced immediately.

Work, pay attention to timely adjust the operating methods and equipment. Small stone crusher machine when formal job, to make counter-stone crusher reduces unnecessary damage, regulate the operation is also very important. Operating personnel in the operation of small stone crusher machine, when to keep in mind the methods of operation and regulation, especially when sudden changes in rock properties, the operator more time to adjust to the device, to avoid counter-stone crusher damage, increase own loss . Small stone crusher machine consumes a large loss, the material is on the one hand. Try to choose high when it is derived from the initial selection device did not enhance attention, to minimize the mechanical loss, to a reasonable selection and use, Impact stone crusher material consumption and many other factors, therefore, choose small stone crusher machine material, made of high wear-resistant material, such as high manganese steel materials.

We have a strong R & D team continue to upgrade their products and develop new products, so our company jaw crusher, small stone crusher machine is in a very superior performance. In addition has many years of manufacturing experience, strong research and development team, there is this perfect service system, whether it is in the pre-sale, sale and there will be better service. Problems arise when the machine a longer working life, and our technical staff will give timely treatment to clients. From customers to worry.

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