Silica Sand Grinding Mill

Silica Sand Grinding Mill

Normally, 60 percent is sand plant nature of work reasons, such as adding media system, the size ratio and filling rate, mill speed, grinding concentration. For example, when the ball is too small, it says illustrate mill is grinding quartz sand material is too small, it will not only reduce the mill processing capacity, but also increased between the media and the direct impact between the liner and grinding media, increasing unhelpful steel consumption. Ball mill feed ratio is too large Description Quartz sand material too much, it will affect the movement of the grinding media and the flow of materials in the mill, and the mill will also reduce the amount of processing. So work, silica sand grinding mill to adjust quality parameters and work properly.

Secondly, 20% of the reason mill design structure silica sand grinding possession. For example, when the mill diameter and length determining the effective volume of the mill, the mill's capacity is limited. Determined by the diameter of the pulp mill's flow path and through the ability to determine the length of the quartz sand mill grinding time, affecting the grinding fineness. The impact of structural and material backing grinding media motion state, not smooth liner productive than large smooth liner, liner too thick reduces the effective volume of the mill, thus reducing production mill productivity. Especially when parts wear, the output device will be much lower.

Quartz stone is a kind of non-metallic minerals, with a hard, wear-resistant, chemical stability and other characteristics. Quartz sand for handling, processing, a lot of quartz sand processing equipment, according to their different purposes, which is widely used in the necessary number of quartz sand mill. Silica sand grinding mill plays a strong role in the quartz sand powder processing, the device consists of feeding part, discharging part, the return portion of transmission (reducer, small gear, motors, electrical control) and other major components. Silica sand grinding mill lining and grinding balls using silica, high alumina, rubber materials, reduce the incorporation of iron and other impurities in quartz stone grinding process to ensure the purity of quartz.

Silica sand grinding mill is processing quartz professional equipment, the overall use of rolling bearings instead of plain bearings, so that friction is greatly reduced, start easier, 10% to 15% energy saving than the old mill. And the original liner to silica liner, more wear-resistant, improved wear resistance and milling efficiency, reduce production costs. Quartz sand ball mill due to the overall frame, easy to install civil construction and equipment, using a standard ball mill discharge disc and grid plate, so that the processing than a general increase of more than 20% energy saving ball mill, and equipment failure rate is still It has been greatly reduced by the users of praise.

Quartzite and quartz sand processing equipment is different quartzite in the sand without further milling process, but we need to use jaw crusher, cone crusher crushing, re-entering the Sand sand, finally, after a wash Sand washing machine can be a finished product. Quartzite and quartz sand particle size of the two materials are different, so the selection of equipment will be different. Silica sand grinding mill works to achieve by means of roller compacted quartz sand repeated, quartz sand in the middle of the roller and millstone crushing mill by squeezing pressure to complete the process. Therefore, the number and the grinding roller has an important influence on the degree of quartz sand and grain shape stability. Too much pressure roller, will cause the host current increases, increased silica sand grinding mill equipment power consumption. Roller pressure is too small, the yield and efficiency of the mill will have an impact.

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