River Gravel Rod Mill

River Gravel Rod Mill

River gravel rod mill widely used, its performance has reached international advanced level, is the most effective, practical and reliable gravel machine, is one of the sand and gravel industry gravel equipment widely used in construction sand, rod mill system sand machine is mainly used for processing feldspar, quartz, ore and other raw materials, crushing, also suitable for the production of abrasives, refractories, cement, steel grit, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregate and other hard, brittle material crushing and broken, and is a highly efficient, energy-saving gravel sand equipment, energy-saving than traditional sand making, is the world's most advanced sand making equipment.

River Gravel Rod Mill Use Analysis

Process characteristics River gravel rod mill is the product of more uniform particle size, coarse particles and sludge containing less over crushed lighter and rod mill product particle size characteristics of the case and stick ore milled about. Features River gravel rod mill is high production capacity, strong adaptability of the materials, the higher the degree of fine materials, energy-saving more significant. When tungsten tin and other rare metal ore re-election or magnetic separation, often used to prevent excessive rod mill grinding; in Sec grinding process, generally used as the first stage rod mill grinding equipment, river gravel rod mill large production capacity, high efficiency; in dealing with the more or less hard-soft ore, rod mill can be used instead of the short head cone crusher for crushing, not only simple configuration, the cost is low, and can workshop dust simplified.

Features Of River Gravel Rod Mill

River gravel rod mill product particle size characteristics and circumstances related to the ore milled bar. When the stick hit the ore, the first is the name of coarse, but after grinding small mineral particles, thereby reducing the risk of over-crushing. When turning the rod along the liner rising, sandwiching coarse, like bars sieve, so fine sutural from rod through, which will also help clamp broken coarse, coarse, and so focused on the grinding media local strikes. Therefore, river gravel rod mill product more uniform, over crushed lighter.

River gravel rod mill is widely used in metal and nonmetal mines and water conservancy. Building materials sector grinding various ore or rock. River gravel rod mill reduction drive from the motor through a gear reducer and the surrounding large or large gear reducer directly through the surrounding low-speed synchronous motor drive, the drive cylinder rotation. Cylindrical body with an appropriate grinding media - Bars. Grinding media by centrifugal force and friction, has been elevated to a certain height, was thrown down or vent falling down state. Was milled material from the mine mouth into the cylinder continuously inside the movement was crushed grinding media, and through the overflow and continuous power to the mining of the product from the plane to the next step for some jobs.

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