Putty Powder Vertical Mill

Putty Powder Vertical Mill

Putty powder vertical mill Structure: coarse separator (dynamic and static separator) formed integrally assembled with the mill, classifier rotor frequency control, adjustable guide vane angle. Auxiliary roller design allows the main roller bed in a stable material milled, efficiency is improved, the vibration could have greatly eased. Disc ring gauge height adjustable to adapt to changes in different grindability of the material and system parameters. Bear the load transfer roller fixed and swing crank guide cylinder located outside the mill. Roller mill can be dug outside. Liquid - gas spring combined loading system, pressure is stable. Not with the material thickness changes. High stiffness rubber bumper designed so that no metallic contact between the roller disc component. Hydraulically driven roller put means guaranteed maintenance and replacement quick and easy. Composite roll cover technology ensures wear parts technology is good, long life and can be used repeatedly repaired. Comprehensive real-time monitoring equipment parameters and process parameters, touch screen display adjustment, the PC display control the whole process. Putty powder vertical mill body having a vibration reduction function, the deceleration of the body and foundation design. Negative working almost no dust pollution.

The Reason Putty Powder Vertical Mill Vibration

Putty powder vertical mill material layer formed in the production process there is a certain particle size distribution, so the size of its raw materials, there is a certain range requirements, a size too large or too small will lead to the destruction of gradation balance, causing the material layer toughness and rigidity weaken. Another example is the grindability of the material changes, lining wear is exacerbated, resulting putty powder vertical mill vibration. In short, the change in the material properties of the liner will cause excessive wear to accelerate the progress of liner wear, causing putty powder vertical mill vibration occurs. The mill ventilation unreasonable material bed thickness and stability of the important factors. When the mill ventilation is too small, it will cause a large number of finished products can not be taken away by the wind, the content of the disc and spit slag powder gradually increased, eventually leading to vertical mill vibration.

As a mining industry leader, we see the prospect of using fly ash, experts pointed out: Ash has a very obvious physical and chemical properties of fly ash for use nothing more than to take the integrated use of these two characteristics, due to the ash combustion, emission mode, coal is different, different furnace and other factors determine the ash produced a small difference, but because of the differences in the formation of tiny ash personality, almost every power plant emissions of fly ash chemical composition is different, and even a power plant fly ash at different times and different furnaces produce are different, and we developed putty powder vertical mill to better protect the environment and contribute to a comprehensive Fly use, it can be divided into a fly ash, secondary and tertiary gray ash, using reliable structural design, the process, set drying, grinding, separator, upgrade in one, low noise, less dust operating environment clean, meet environmental requirements.

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