Pozzolana Cement Production Line

Pozzolana Cement Production Line

Pozzolanic material is an active mixed material, it can be used as a mixture of Portland cement material, made of pozzolana cement and fly ash cement. Our pozzolana cement production line is mainly composed of cement mill, cement kiln and a ceramic ball mill and other equipment, which are mainly composed of cement production line equipment. Many customers call to consult us, how can the basis of existing production capacity, based on the pozzolana cement production line rate and then increase to a higher level. Today, then, we have discussed in detail in terms of production equipment, production of raw materials and the production line at the main factors affecting the composition of cement production efficiency. Silicate cement production technology in cement production has a representative, it is composed of limestone and clay as the main raw material, crushing, ingredients, made of finely ground raw material, and then fed calcined cement kiln mature material, and then plus the amount of clinker gypsum (sometimes mixing the mixed material or admixture) milled together.

Raw material preparation pozzolana cement production line process, each device producing one ton of Portland cement grinding at least 3 tons of materials (including raw materials, fuel, clinker, mixed materials, gypsum), according to statistics, the dry-process cement production line power grinding operations need to consume the whole plant power accounts for more than 60%, of which raw material grinding more than 30%, accounting for about 3% of the coal mill, cement grinding about 40%. Therefore, a reasonable choice of grinding equipment and processes, optimization of process parameters, the correct operation, the control operation system, to ensure product quality and reduce energy consumption is of great significance. Dry cement raw meal production process, stable pit entry clinker raw material composition is stable firing thermal system under the premise of raw meal homogenization system plays Rujiao stable raw material component last gatekeepers.

Pozzolana cement production line with raw material preparation process can be divided into dry process (including semi-dry) and wet (including semi-wet method) two. Aluminate cement, a dry process production. Drying and grinding the raw material at the same time, or before drying by grinding into a mature approach raw material powder feed after feed dry kiln calcination. But there are also the raw material powder is added to the amount of water into raw material ball into Lepol kiln burning mature approach, called semi-dry, still doing a production of the law. Increase the rate of production lines, hardware facilities is the key. Product quality cement mill, cement kiln and other auxiliary equipment must be reliable. Pozzolana cement production line assembly must be based on the actual terrain to assemble, to ask manufacturers to expert on-site guidance. Cement Mill raw material requirements are high, do not use the same kind of what materials were mill to grind, that would greatly reduce the life of the mill.

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