Iron Ore Mining Equipment

Iron Ore Mining Equipment

Tailings recovery of iron: Tailings is one of the effective measures to make full use of iron ore resources. Since the 1990s, some concentrator invested in a separate tailings re-election plant, such as the one concentrator, then select grades of up to 66%. Some of the concentrator in the original beneficiation process carried out Tailings transformation, such as Anshan Dagushan concentrator, respectively, in the original process of magnetic separation plant and one of three workshops have increased tailings disposal, then grind again concentrate after the election were returned to the main process to go, together to get the final concentrate.

After the ore mined from the deposit out of the rotation of the impeller with a shovel or large trucks loaded to break field. Usually iron ore mining equipment once broken, then the use of cone crusher or impact crusher is divided into blocks of post-secondary crusher ore and fine ore. If the ore mine high grade ore secondary crushing after sucked as product supply customers. The following details the process iron ore mining equipment, beneficiation process consists of crushing, separation and dehydration and other major processes constitute. Iron concentrate mainly refers to the high purity, ultra-fine powder of the magnetite. It is the use of processed iron content of more than 60% of natural magnetite. Natural magnetite powder can be obtained by crushing and screening from mining, it can also be obtained by simple magnetic separation from the deposition of river sand.

Magnetite need magnetic separator, the more common general half counterflow drum; the red ore (hematite) are generally flotation machine, the model need to ore, iron ore mining equipment technology to be, but recently some domestic election Column flotation plant is also useful. Mineral mixture when passing magnetic separator, due to a variety of different minerals than the susceptibility through magnetic force and mechanical force to mix magnetic material separated by the mixing tube will be selected after the minerals are separated out, it contains Preliminary concentrate large amounts of water, subject to concentrated machine, dryer and then by drying, you can get dry minerals. Separator according to different production processes concentrator links, the nature of different minerals, the use of advanced separation concept, design targeted customers actually use the occasion to adapt and tailor special magnetic separation equipment.

Iron ore mining equipment process, need as efficient and simple as possible in the most suitable machining process to achieve the best crushing effect. In the iron ore beneficiation process arrangements, but also taking into account the cost of investment in production and processing equipment crusher, mill, there is energy consuming equipment and steel aspects of energy consumption. Iron ore beneficiation processing, as well as the choice of computing crusher milling equipment, as well as a good-for-crusher mill operation and management, have to a large extent, will determine the beneficiation process can achieve economic benefits. In addition to reducing broken ore particle size than improve one direction crushing plant productivity is to increase working time utilization crushers and other equipment. The following parameters can be adjusted to reinforce the ore crushing process: the width of each segment ore crusher discharge port; screening machine sieve size; crusher workspace volume and cross-sectional shape; ore crusher to the size of the composition; crusher and screening machine other equipment to the ore.

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