Fly Ash Grinding Mill

Fly Ash Grinding Mill

Fly ash if processing shall not be, not only can cause the pollution of environment, even cause poisoning of nearby staff. Our company research and development production of fly ash grinding mill is to properly handle tool, fly ash can be used as the first choice of coal mining operation. With the development of power industry, coal fly ash emissions increased year by year. A large amount of fly ash does not add processing, will pollute the atmosphere. If discharged into water system will cause the river silt, and the toxic chemical and biological cause a harm to human body. If not when governance, to bring great harm to the local environment and residents. But the fly ash can be used as the admixture of concrete. Fly ash roller mill is used in the production of fly ash.

In recent years, along with fly ash grinding mill surge in research and technology level, international mill production enterprise vertical mill technology is increasingly mature, vertical mill product technology advantage is also growing. In this case, the fly ash grinding mill production enterprises on the basis of absorbing foreign successful experience, the technical reform, have been relaunched the vertical mill products with higher performance advantages. The equipment after entering the market and gradually accepted by domestic cement, electric power, chemical industry, grinding industry become the preferred equipment. Vertical mill in addition to do well in the machining process of fly ash and other minerals such as limestone, granite processing and has good performance. Wear-resistant parts of the wear rate is much lower than other milling equipment, relative to the investment cost is low.

In the processing of fly ash, fly ash grinding mill is indispensable processing equipment. According to their use of fly ash after grinding mill, can be widely used in cement, concrete, fly ash brick and other building materials, as well as agricultural fertilizer, soil conditioner, and other aspects. We provide customers tailored fly ash grinding mill, according to different models and yield, the mill equipment is divided into small milling machine, large milling machine and large mill; According to the grinding fineness of products, flour mill equipment department can be divided into coarse powder mill, powder grinder, ultrafine powder mill and nano powder mill. Our company long-term commitment to make flour mill industry brand enterprises. We all know that in the process of production of fly ash autoclaved bricks, aerated brick or fly ash brick, there is a raw material section, we will use the crusher, fly ash grinding mill equipment such as the raw material for crushing, fine grinding in order to achieve our requirements. The shattering of the crusher is mainly used for gypsum block (if you use a dry fly ash, lime piece should also be broken).

At present, with the development of economy, people on the improvement of environmental awareness, and the recycling of fly ash as social concerns, our company has developed a series of mill, the deep processing of fly ash, its fine flour mill grinding fly ash, not only can increase the hydration rate of clinker particles, can also destroy the density of fly ash in advance of the spherical shell, to speed up the reaction of fly ash ash, thus improve the early strength cement. The original grey or coarse coal ash by vertical fly ash grinding mill high fine grinding to a certain fineness, made from fly ash admixture mixed with concrete, not only can replace part of cement consumption such as coal, electricity, limestone, reduce the cost of concrete, protect the environment, but also can increase the later strength of concrete, improve the workability of fresh concrete and improve the durability of the concrete and high performance cement production.

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