Diesel Engine Jaw Crushers

Diesel Engine Jaw Crushers

Diesel engine jaw crushers has simple structure, reliable operation, easy operation and maintenance, etc, is mainly used in mining, quarry, broken in a variety of under 250 mpa compressive strength of ore or rock. Being broken materials shall not be greater than the large degrees technical parameter table. Diesel engine jaw crushers have electric start and artificial start two launch modes to choose from. Countries economic development cannot leave the mineral exploitation, economic development need the support of energy, so what kind of mining equipment of mineral mining highest performance-to-price ratio. My company specialized in the research and manufacture of jaw crusher and other crusher, we summed up the jaw crusher manufacturing concept, successfully developed the hammer crusher, diesel engine jaw crushers crusher equipment, etc.

Diesel engine jaw crushers work institutions (i.e., crushing cavity) is composed of a fixed jaw and moving jaw. Both jaw structure on the lining is made of manganese steel lining plate, plate with bolts and wedge on the jaw. Because it is directly involved in broken, therefore to improve the crushing effect, are vertical corrugated plate surface, and bump relatively. At present, the domestic jaw crusher lining board of tooth shape is triangle and trapezoid two more. The surface of longitudinal straight bar. With the application and development of computer, the design of tooth profile is not the traditional test method and experience method to develop into optimization design with computer, which can get the best crushing effect. Plate when the broken parts of wear is very uneven, especially the lower near the position of the discharging mouth wear is most serious, therefore make lining board into symmetrical commonly, after wear the inversion in the lower, to prolong its service life. Large diesel engine jaw crushers of the lining board made up by many blocks, each block are interchangeable, its purpose is to prolong its service life.

Diesel engine jaw crushers is working under impact load, bearing on babbitt lining, deadlines for about 2 years or so, over time, you need to cast. If the eccentric shaft and bearing, spindle and bearing is wear, the tip clearance is greater than 1.5 times of the original assembly clearance, need to add cushion adjustment or replacement; Oil groove wear of 1.5 mm, should restart oil groove and adjustment. Connecting rod head cover and the space between the eccentric shaft, wear to greater than 1.5 times of assembly clearance, also need a padded adjust or replace new one. When the babbitt on the bearing shell has deeper Strip away or larger abrasions, should cast again. For processing after the quality of the bearing has the following requirements: babbit more uniform, no light, the color of the surface of the silver; Babbitt metal surface layer should not have ash, crack, sand holes, shrink hole and shell, etc.

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