Coal Grinding Mill Plant

Coal Grinding Mill Plant

The Main Purpose Of Coal Grinding Mill Plant

Coal grinding mill plant is a ring with a broken rotor impact crusher, crushing ring sling hanging shaft rotates together with the rotor, broken ring for rotation with the rotor-impact exercise, but also about the suspension axis spin motion; two-stage crushing process is by crushing the working ring to complete. When the material into the crushing chamber, in the first paragraph of the rotating impact crusher broken ring. In the second stage, fell early on the broken sieve particles by crushing broken ring squeezed further, while discharged through the sieve. A small amount of material that can not be broken into the waste chamber is then periodically removed from the waste chamber. Coal grinding mill plant discharge size is adjusted by changing different size sieve to achieve, the gap between the rotor and the sieve can be adjusted by adjusting the mechanism if necessary.

According to the characteristics of the coal grinding mill plant, two methods can be used to create a dynamic model of coal grinding mill plant. Henan Machinery experts give a simplified mechanism model, which only reflect on the whole mill feature, not involving coal grinding inside the mill complex process; modeling will grind barrel, down drying tube, back to pink tube merger consideration; Suppose the mill outlet temperature is the temperature of air and coal mixture; pulverizing system without considering heat loss, the ball mill cylinder number deemed given value. The model includes: coal grinding mill plant and export quality equation, coal grinding mill plant and export energy equation, mill differential pressure - flow equation and the mill entrance negative pressure equation and the like. We tested the transfer function model was established mill, through the analysis of dynamic characteristics and coupling relationship between system variables ball through the system three input signals were added step, recording the response curve of the three output by Curve fitting to establish a mill typical transfer function information.

Role steel mill cylinder pattern is mainly brought up better to the ball, but after a long run, lining waveform edges badly worn, the ball can not be brought up, can not effectively be burning coal grinding mill plant within Pulverized coal mill made qualified. Meanwhile, Shen head bolt head liner serious wear and tear, running the tank liner bolts at frequent leakage powder. Factors affecting coal pulverizer output are: ball smashing hit, between ball and grinding, hot air drying and dry wind mill liner between the ball and carrying and so on. Therefore, in order to improve the output of coal grinding mill plant milling, ball must improve wear resistance and hardness, improved grinding area per unit weight of the ball, and optimize coal fineness; reduce loading ball, milling reduces power consumption and ball consumption; improve ball skills and mention lining wear, extend equipment life.

Coal grinding mill plant selection Raymond gravity separator radial separators, ends a symmetrical arrangement, interior adjustable blade can be adjusted according to the requirements of coal fineness. But there are smaller volume, the intensity is too large, the separator resistance big disadvantage. And because coal seed mixed with straw, cloth, wire and other debris in the separator through tightly packed off to the wound on the shutter when the shutter blade, often clogging the separator back to the air lock powder tube, causing separation separation effect worse even lose the ability to separate, resulting in poor coal fineness uniformity, higher fuel and large slag fly ash carbon content.

New alloy liner wear is supplemented with rare carbon material on the basis of heavy rare earth elements and other micro-alloying, combined with specific heat treatment process to achieve the carbide grains and the matrix grains, the formation of hard particles in granular carbide master of fine and uniform diffuse composite tissue, improve material strength and toughness and wear resistance to carbon material composition exhibits the properties of steels. Its toughness ≥49J / cm2, hardness up to 48 ~ 55HRC. Through the coal grinding mill plant lined plate check on the drive end edge lining, non-drive side oblique edge liner, cylinder liner liner was replaced, at the same time check and replace the rotor blades and spoke mill cutter bar.

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