Coal Double Roll Crusher

Coal Double Roll Crusher

Coal double roll crusher is suitable for cement, chemicals, power, metallurgy, building materials, refractories and other industrial sectors crushing medium hardness material, such as limestone, slag, coke, coal and other materials in the debris, crushing operations. On the roll crusher Roll two lubricated by the oil pump, the material into the crusher by the squeeze roller rolling shear crushing and grinding, simple structure, compact, lightweight, reliable, high crushing capacity. Coal double roll crusher tooth design optimization, pull shear choose crushing, high efficiency and low consumption, a uniform grain, which is used in bulk material crushed to small pieces of material, is unmatched by other crushers.

Coal Double Roll Crusher Works

The series of roll crusher is mainly composed by the roller, the roller support bearings, pinch and adjust parts of the device and driving devices and other components. Drag roller drive mechanism is made up of two electric motors, drive through V-belt onto the sheave, rotates in the opposite direction. When coal double roll crusher broken material, the material from the inlet through the roller, the roller compacted and broken, finished after crushing is discharged from the chassis below. For security, transmission security cover should be installed according to the actual situation.

The Advantages Of Coal Double Roll Crusher

The main structure of coal double roll crusher gear transmission has a fixed roll, the roll component activities, drive shaft, the body, chassis, hood, long gear casing and other components, the machine is powered by a V-belt pulleys came on the motor, and then Through a pair of intermediate reduction gear, the fixing roller rotates, and then with a pair of long gear other end of the fixed roll, drive activity roll, two rolls into the relative movement extrusion materials. High production efficiency, large capacity. After coal double roll crusher broken product was cube-shaped, low flakiness content, crack-free, a material fine grain size, improve production quality and efficiency. Long consumable life and low loss. Roll skin wear long period, the vulnerability of the current domestic latest high-strength wear-resistant materials, can crush high hardness materials, low loss, long life, customers can bring considerable economic benefits.

Coal Double Roll Crusher Discharge Size Adjustment Method

Coal double roll crusher is equipped with a wedge between the two roller or pad adjustment device, the device is equipped with top of the wedge adjustment bolt, the bolt can be adjusted by adjusting the particle size of the material: When the adjustment bolt pull wedge upward, The top wedge activities roll away from the fixed wheel, namely two roller gap becomes larger, the particle size becomes large, when the wedge down activities roller compression spring under the effect of two rounds of the gap becomes smaller, the material the smaller particle size. Coal double roll crusher spacer means is through changes in the quantity or thickness of shims to adjust the particle size of the material, while increasing both the gasket roller gap larger, while reducing gasket two roller gap smaller, the particle size becomes smaller.

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