Ball Mill For Gold

Ball Mill For Gold

Ball mill for gold ore dressing, building materials, cement, coal, electricity, and one of the important equipment of metallurgy and other industrial departments. The firm has simple structure and reliable operation, a long-term continuous operation, strong adaptability for the material, it can meet the needs of modern large-scale industrial production. Because of the ball mill for gold sort is more, so the manufacturers need to understand the types of ball mill and all kinds of faults, to select the most suitable ball mill. Ball mill is widely used in the new building materials, cement, chemical fertilizer, nonferrous metal and black metal ore dressing, silicate products, refractories and other industries in the production operation. The material being broken, access to the ball mill for grinding, is an indispensable key equipment in the operation of grinding. Ball mill can be all kinds of ores and other materials, widely used in various industries, like dressing, building materials, chemical industry the most widely used, especially for a material such as sand, lime, gypsum, slag grinding is the most common. Ball mill is widely used in industrial production of one of the high fine grinding machinery, particularly in the mineral processing equipment manufacturers focus.

The working principle of the ball mill for gold

Motor through the reduction gear drive cylinder, cylinder body of crushed ore and steel ball by friction and centrifugal force role in cylinder rotation because of gravity after being lining board to a certain height, began to fall and diarrhea, ore under the action of impact and grinding crushed gradually. Crushed ore discharging outside part of the discharge tube. Discharge of mineral hitches in spiral classifier classification of qualified products, coarse sand through joint feeder back to continue to grinding in the ball mill. Feeder continuous evenly feed, ore by continuous joint feeder evenly into the ball mill for gold, by grinding material continuously from the eduction in ball mill. Ball mill is grinding equipment work 24 hours a day.

Ball mill feeding device

The original ball mill for gold feed through bend their form into the mill, the process requires a lot of mineral water, blunt mineral water results in the decrease of pulp density, mineral easy to loss, resulting in waste. Improved mill USES the mining machine feeding, undressed ore, cyclone dust sand, screw the sand through mining device evenly into the mill, no longer need a lot of mineral water, improve the pulp density, ensure the grinding effect.

Grinding process improvements

The original ball mill into sand pump and cyclone ore granularity, thickness is different, cause the system can not run normally, increase the artificial operation, reduce the production efficiency, bring unnecessary loss. Improved ball mill for gold will process in stages, increase the small size spiral, used for classification in advance, will first classification into the ball mill, coarse particle stone automatically coarse particle stone sand, auxiliary cyclone work, guaranteeing the normal operation of the ball mill system, greatly reduce the manual operation against sand. After experts carefully study the improved grate ball mill production capacity than previously had the obvious enhancement, ensures the comprehensive processing capacity in the process of mineral processing production, obtained the customer the consistent approval.

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